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Poem 'Lost my Pace' by Stories By Bhavna Khemlani

Poem 'Lost my Pace' by Stories By Bhavna Khemlani 0ctober '23

Lost my Pace

in the race of life, I lost my pace, my hard work seemed like a fruitless chase. i toiled and labored, day and night, but success remained a distant sight.

witnessed changes, seasons turned, as life's lessons were slowly learned. the spring of youth, a fleeting grace, now yields to autumn's warm embrace.

but even in this season's wane, there's beauty in the vibrant change. the maple leaves, a fiery sight, shine so bright in the fading light.

they teach me that with each new day, there's hope that comes in its own way. for life is a journey, a dance, a song, and in every change, we still belong.

so welcome, autumn, with your cheer, with lessons learned and dreams held dear. though hard work may not always pay, prosperity awaits in its own way.

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