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Coaching for Writing
(What is your Story?

  • Initial consultation to understand the author's goals, vision, and writing style

  • Assistance in developing a comprehensive book outline and structure

  • Guidance in refining the Story/Novel / Character development / Plot structure / book's central theme, message, and target audience (this can be either fiction / non- fiction / article / research article / business writing 

  • Ongoing support and accountability to keep the author motivated and on track

  • Feedback and constructive critique on the author's writing style, tone, and voice

  • Editing and proofreading services to ensure clarity, coherence, and consistency

  • Help / Guidance in researching and fact-checking to enhance the book's credibility and accuracy

  • Advice on effective storytelling techniques, dialogue writing, and descriptive language

  • Assistance in navigating the publishing industry, self-publishing options, and marketing strategies

  • Coaching on overcoming writer's block, managing time, and establishing a writing routine

  • Resources and recommendations for further development, such as writing workshops or conferences

  • Continuous feedback and revisions throughout the writing process until completion

  • Celebrating milestones and achievements along the journey to keep the author/ writer motivated.

Reiki Energetic Healing / Well-being counseling / Emotional Intelligence

  • Initial assessment to understand the client's needs, concerns, and desired outcomes

  • Guidance and instruction on Reiki energy healing techniques and practices

  • Individualized energy healing sessions tailored to the client's specific needs and goals

  • Support and guidance in understanding and working with energy centers (chakras) in the body

  • Exploration of emotional and mental blocks that may be impacting well-being

  • Assistance in identifying and releasing negative energy patterns and limiting beliefs

  • Coaching on self-care practices and techniques to enhance overall well-being

  • Guidance on incorporating mindfulness and meditation into daily life

  • Advice on maintaining energetic balance and harmony in everyday life

  • Tools and resources for personal growth, self-reflection, and self-discovery

  • Emotional support and a safe space for processing and healing

  • Education and empowerment on self-healing and self-care practices

  • Celebration and acknowledgement of milestones and breakthroughs.

  • Education on the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and its importance in leadership

  • Identification and exploration of emotional triggers and patterns that impact leadership effectiveness

  • Development of self-awareness, including understanding personal emotions, strengths, and weaknesses

  • Coaching on effective communication skills, including active listening and empathetic responses

  • Guidance on developing and fostering healthy relationships and building trust with team members

  • Coaching on empathetic leadership and the ability to relate to and understand diverse perspectives

  • Strategies for handling conflicts and difficult conversations with emotional intelligence

  • Coaching on resilience and adaptability to navigate challenges and changes effectively

  • Guidance on recognizing and managing stress and burnout for both the leader and their team

  • Ongoing coaching and feedback to reinforce and sustain emotional intelligence growth

  • Resources for continued learning and development in emotional intelligence

  • Celebration and acknowledgement of progress and achievements in emotional intelligence.

Mindfulness / Journaling / Growth Mindset

  • Guidance in getting started with journaling, including selecting the right journal and writing tools

  • Exploration of different journaling techniques and prompts to inspire self-reflection and self-discovery

  • Support in establishing a regular journaling practice and developing a writing routine

  • Coaching on using journaling as a tool for personal growth, self-expression, and self-awareness

  • Assistance in setting journaling goals and intentions for specific areas of life or personal development

  • Techniques for enhancing creativity and expanding writing skills through journaling

  • Guidance on using journaling for problem-solving and finding clarity in decision-making

  • Support in processing and working through challenging emotions and experiences through journaling

  • Coaching on self-reflection and self-analysis through journaling, fostering personal insights and understanding

  • Exploration of gratitude journaling and its positive impact on well-being and mindset

  • Assistance in using journaling as a means of documenting and preserving memories and milestones

  • Coaching on using journaling for stress reduction, emotional release, and self-care

  • Support in exploring different journaling formats, such as bullet journaling or visual journaling

  • Guidance on integrating journaling with other personal development practices, such as meditation or affirmations

  • Coaching on using journaling as a tool for self-empowerment and personal transformation

  • Resources and recommendations for further inspiration and exploration in the realm of journaling

  • Ongoing support and feedback to encourage consistency and growth in journaling practice

  • Celebration and acknowledgement of the insights and breakthroughs achieved through journaling.

  • Education on the concept of growth mindset and its benefits in personal and professional development

  • Assessment of the individual's current mindset and identification of limiting beliefs or fixed mindset tendencies

  • Coaching on developing self-awareness and recognizing the impact of mindset on actions and outcomes

  • Guidance in reframing challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning

  • Support in cultivating a belief in one's ability to learn, improve, and develop new skills

  • Assistance in identifying and challenging negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs

  • Tools for embracing continuous learning and seeking feedback for personal growth

  • Coaching on adopting a solution-oriented mindset, focusing on possibilities and creative problem-solving

  • Support in recognizing and reframing imposter syndrome or self-doubt through a growth mindset lens

  • Strategies for embracing change and viewing it as an opportunity for growth and adaptation

  • Resources and recommendations for further exploration and study on growth mindset

  • Celebration and acknowledgement of progress and achievements in cultivating a growth mindset.

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