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Created by Neda Aria.
Transgressive author, Post Modernism Literature, Book Cover Design, Creative and Strategic Writing Course and Templates 

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 Pacific Book Review: The Wagging Tale of Bliss-

Pacific Book Review

Portraying a tale of love, loss, and regaining lost connections, The Wagging Tale of Bliss: Reconnecting, brings together three very different women whose perspectives on life and love are altered, when they experience a re-establishing of lost connections within 

Research journal 2020

This research focuses on mind-body emotions and reveals the essence of bringing balance through Reiki Energetic Healing (Hands-on Healing) and Existential Well-being Counseling. The focus of this research were nine participants from aged 18 - 40 who volunteered, could understand the purpose of the research and looking into living a balance in his or her life by unblocking, 

A Journal of Poetry

Bhavna Khemlani's Poems

The Golden Light

by Bhavna Khemlani

Like a garland of beaming light

brief and wild

Canopy - Pleasing Embrace

in response to Rebecca Siemering's work
Canopy - Pleasing Embrace
by Bhavna Khemlani
A protective covering
canopied by lottery tickets
watching it from below
how the layers – many layers
slowly feels like providing a canopy

Celebrating ‘Rhythm of Missing Pieces’ book launch

ots, settings, characters, conflicts, imagination and the pouring senses navigate a writer to bring out the voice of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, thriller, and varied genres a phenomenal experience. Who would have known two dynamic expat ladies (Chloe Trindall and Cheryl Leend) in the year of 2000 in Bangkok would start their own writing group! The passing of time, laughter, discussions, teas, coffees, wines, brewing inspiration, and likeminded charismatic ladies brought us to a...

Award winning research journal 2018 (by world research Council)

Transitions in the Health Care Systems in Times of Uncertainty?Exploring Views by Experts through Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence in Bangkok, Thailand

The US Review of Books: The Wagging tale of bliss- reconnecting

Book review by Carol Anderson, D.Min., ACSW


"’We are beautiful souls with a pitcher of love to serve to anyone on a summer day that brightens and proves to be a cheerful moment


Sometimes we think that in order to display our leadership skills, we should exert authority by yelling, screaming, or putting someone down. To some extent, this view of leadership has changed in many ways in recent

Bangkok’s expat literary scene is progressive

Bhavna Khemlani is a Bangkok-based writer born in Pune, India, raised in Taiwan and Bangkok, Thailand. In this interview she talks about her life as an expat writer and The Wisher’s Well, a story for young adult readers set in Southeast Asia.

The Bangkok big Chilli

Thailand's number one expat magazine.

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