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New poem 'Myriad of colors' (QR CODE BELOW)

New poem 'Myriad of colors' by Bhavna Khemlani Stories By Bhavna Khemlani

In the fabric of culture's embrace, A myriad of colors, a vibrant space, Through pain's depths, the stories unfurl, In words, they find solace, as ink unfurls.

Within the depths of human plight, Cries of anguish, shadows of night, But in the heartache, a seed is sown, A writer's pen, an artist's yet to be known.

Through each stroke, a cathartic release, Words intertwine, seeking inner peace, The agony transformed into verse, Healing wounds, a sadness traverse.

With every line, a glimpse is found, Of resilience and strength unbound, Culture's essence, a guiding light, A beacon amidst the darkest night.

From ashes rise, tales of growth, Lessons learned, shared from both, Through stories told, bridges are built, Cultures entwined, as souls are filled.

In the pearls of pain and grace, Writing weaves threads, leaving a trace, A testament to our human worth, Culture's weaving, a treasure unearth.

So let the ink flow, with fervor and might, Illuminate the shadows, bring them to light, For in the fusion of culture's embrace, We find growth, hope, and boundless space.

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