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Hi There!


I respond to the flow of creative bridges, take a plunge into the Heart-Growth Mindset of writing down the extraordinary and bring it a voice. I have this beautiful life, liberating myself and living it with passion, meaning, soul-nourishing, abundance, travel across oceans, embracing the Nature's gifts and Gratitude – so much MORE.

Hello! Pleasure to meet you! How are you?

My (Bhavna Khemlani’s) empowering journey navigates being an Educator, Poet, Author, Corporate Trainer, Academic & Creative Writing Coach, Researcher, Reiki Master Teacher, Existential Well-being Counseling & Mindfulness Practitioner.  It's a thriving inspiration as Co-Leader of Bangkok Women Writers Group – BWWG. Co-founder of 360 Degrees Mind.Body.Spirit workshops. 

Imagine living life with so many conditions, rules, fearful guilt blames, and telling you - you CANNOT DO THIS AND THAT! How exhausting can that be!


To remind you - there is a creator and compassionate (so much more) being within us. Embracing the totality of our being, the lantern in our Heart guiding us to Abundant Awakenings, providing varied approaches to grow, feeling liberated to do what your Soul quenches for, tapping into immense Power within, Healing, and MAKING ALL THAT HAPPEN! YES IT CAN! Step by Step

There is always the right time to GROW - NOW! Once anyone has decided to listen to the trustful nudge by the Universe and all the experiences that encouraged you to do so, navigates you to TRUST - APPLY -REPROGRAM - BREAKTHROUGH VICTORY - GRATITUDE - ACCESS TO THE HIGHEST OF EXCELLENCE - SHARE YOUR GROWTH - EMPOWER OTHERS TO GROW - EVOLVE - CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES.


Research Journal 2020 - The Impact of Reiki Treatments (Hands-on Energetic Healing) and Existential Well-Being Counseling in Reducing Stress and Improving the Well-Being and Quality of Life of Young People. Her research - ‘Transitions in the healthcare systems in times of uncertainty exploring views by experts through Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence published 2018 received an International Award by the World Research Council (Research Ratna Awards 2019). 


Novels: The Wagging Tale of Bliss-Reconnecting, The Classroom - Ashley & her Mystical Tale, and more. Author - Editor of Anthology 'Gratitude, Good News, & Guidelines' 33 nonfiction stories from writers across the globe. Her Non-Fiction short story, 'Love Shack' was translated to Khmer Language.

Wishing you an Inspiring, Joyful, Grateful, Uplifting, and Dynamic Life of Inner Growth, Abundance, Prosperity, Love and Joy.

I look forward hearing from you! Design the Life you WANT & EMPOWER THIS BEAUTIFUL EXISTENCE!


Bhavna Khemlani




  • Reiki Master Teacher-Practitioner /  Mindfulness Practitioner / Belief Clearing - NLP - Positive Psychology Practitioner/ Existential Well-being Counseling:  A Person-centered Experiential Approach

  • Academic & Creative Writing Coach / Corporate Trainer / Researcher / Poet / Author (Gratitude, Good News, & Guidelines concept Anthology, The Wagging Tale of Bliss-Reconnecting, The Classroom - Ashley & her Mystical Tale, The Wisher's Well & Maples - Rejuvenating Cocktail

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