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Creative Writing (Throw - Flow - Glow)

Flow your Imagination into -Fiction, Non-Fiction, & Poetry -Start NOW!

  • 2 hr
  • Online

Service Description

Hi, so what ideas have been coming up lately? How long has this been happening? You know what - time to let those ideas flow - dive into it - let the expression display an orchestrated writing piece to varied and empowered pieces. Start now! Now is time to write! The writing sessions are divided into three levels. In each level every candidate-client-student receives materials, prompts, affirmations, and some video clippings to get those ideas flow. Don't worry about the inner critique, grammar, editing, and fear. First write and allow the expressions flow and the rest will be taken care of. Trust! You can do this! Yes! Level 1: Writing Funnel into the Tunnel (Honey, Phoenix, and the Rain) Level 2: What is brewing? Smell the Aroma, Taste, and want some more (Mix of Elements, Themes, and Rock Climbing) Level 3: Dust it off! Uprising, into the Caves & your story (Chipped nails, Dust, Desert, Flora, Shattered Plates, and Empowerment) Every level is crafted in such a way to bring your story into life and it can be about anything, Allow each word to demystify itself, your ideas clearer, story so empowered, and believe you can complete your story. Yes! Get your coffee, tea, or any beverage that invokes those ideas ready to flow. Don't Give up! Scratch your head too much! You're getting there because your are HERE! Three Levels one time - each level takes about 3 hours (180 minutes)

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