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The Poem 'Indispensable Dedication' brought to BWWG has been contributed for Article and Poetry - published recently. May the inspiration to create more flourish amongst everyone! Gratitude* Read the Affirmations - Enjoy!

It was awesome to write an article, affirmations and poem on 'The Practice of Reprogramming, Affirmations and Developing Resilience' and published on POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, by Bhavna Khemlani, updated on: 27 July 2022 - Full Article can be read on:


*Recalling a powerful and empowering poem by John Keats, ‘To Hope’ was captivating and striving to be resilient. During the tough and dark times, one would affirm to dwell on Hope to thrive. I remember visiting Keats-Shelly memorial house in 2019, when I visited Rome for a conference. The panoramic guide navigated me to varied poetry from Romantic Poets. Reading through some of the world’s most extensive collections such as, letters, manuscripts, and paintings relating to Keats and Shelley, as well as Byron, Robert Browning, and Oscar Wilde made me reflect – deeply.*

Indispensable Dedication elevating it far beyond the ordinary everyday distinctive for discerning individuals creating something or nothing unique sometimes entertaining the bizarre – yet welcoming beyond flavoured choices of external ambience only to navigate back after an era of patterns has finally woken back up pouring the lava of unshakable truth making sure that you are shaken -UP creating that chaos only to meet the NEW!

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