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Heart-Mindset Mindfulness -GROWTH

Mindfulness, Meditation, Reflection, Creativity, Chakra, Writing-Grow

  • 2 hr
  • Online

Service Description

This is all about GROWTH! Every aspect of your life can tap into the essential and dynamic elements leading you to Ascend in every way and feel the change in your life as you take a step forward to that change. Mindfulness and Positive Psychology when implemented together mindfulness increases well-being and positive mental qualities, including compassion, self-worth, care, love, respect, and so much more bringing out the better and makes you a better Leader in what you choose to do. Clients receive materials and go with the Flow guidance in email. Benefits: * Encourages growth as a student, working professional, or inner growth. *Mindfulness: attention regulation, increased body awareness, emotional regulation, emotional-exposure regulation, and changes in the perspective of the self. * Increase in self-esteem, improved relationships, and a greater outlook on life. Positive psychology has found that gratitude, social connection, and kindness are all important to living our best lives. *Reflective writing engages one in the process of deep understanding, awareness, expressing authenticity, clearance, critical thinking and resilience, and makes one connect to Growth Heart-Mindset. *There are so many more benefits. To find out more, book a session. A session usually takes minutes to 90 - 120 minutes. Heart-Mindset - Prism of Possibilities Gratitude & Good news your way!

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