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Prism of Possibilities

Happiness is what I choose! Joy is what I choose! Flow is what I choose! Moving forward with Divine flow is what I Choose! What an awesome memory in 2019 where some new and still the same as we're are in 2021 reminding us of our choices & how a person can be doing, flowing, growing, learning, flaming, & vibrating HIGHER & HIGHER. Infinite possibilities and Love. The Universe navigates people towards goals and true purposes. The event 'Prism of Possibilities- Heart-Growth Mindset' have been works and creation through healing, channeling, inspiration, self-growth, experiences and gratitude.

Trust Universe is taking care of it.

Practice Gratitude everyday, Ground yourself, respect, healthy boundaries, Center yourself, Balance within, listen to high vibe music, light the sage, meditate or practice any mindful approach that works for you, honor yourself, remind yourself of countless amazing memories, joy & try something NEW-LIVE LIFE!

Continue doing meaningful works, as the time I - we have left - Universal Time is so precious to doing soul-purpose creative works. Prism of Possibilities: The phrase refers to execution of various possibilities in Life (Journey), such as, innovative ideas/skills; leadership; re-programming the mind; goals; learning of self; thriving; co-creation, being mindful and becoming the ‘Gratifying & Dynamic’ version where ‘Prism’ represents ‘Self’.

Copyright by BhavK 🙌

Follow your Heart. 🙏💞🤗

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